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Record £400m UK music sales abroad, but Brexit ‘may hit income’

British artists may be more popular abroad than ever before, but industry body BPI has warned that record sales could be under threat post-Brexit if agreements make touring freely and protecting intellectual property difficult.

BBC Great British menu chef in row with former restaurant which trademarked his name

James Cochran, a chef on the BBC’s Great British Menu, has clashed with ex-employers who trademarked his name, claiming that diners will be left confused and that he will be unable to use his own name for future ventures.

Tesla filed a patent for automatic turn signals for you lazy drivers

The tech giant wants their vehicles to signal automatically by having the car to detect the driver’s intent to turn or move lanes using Autopilot hardware – ideal for anyone who prefers not to move their hand any more than necessary whilst driving…

Prince’s estate files copyright infringement suit against alleged piracy network

The artist’s estate is suing what it sees as a European piracy network selling his music, including footage of his final concert before his death in 2016.

Urban wind turbine wins UK James Dyson award

The annual award to reward innovative projects from young engineers has been given to two inventors behind a portable wind turbine for inner city use.

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