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Kendall Jenner sued for trademark infringement over Pizza Boys radio show by art collective owner

The reality TV star and model has had legal action filed against her, a DJ friend and Apple by art collective owner Robert Karageuzian amid claims brand confusion is affecting his business.

Tinker, tailor, robot maker – In China, trade war threat casts long shadow

Newly developed medical robots to be used in stem cell therapies are now amongst the long list of products threatened with high trade tariffs by the US in light of possible trade war between the two leading economies.

Amazon site awash with counterfeit goods despite crackdown

The online retail giant, who this week announced daily revenues of £400m, continues to face a battler against counterfeit sellers using Amazon’s Marketplace third-party area.

How Can U.S. Fight the Opioid Crisis? Try Antidote Patents

The city of Baltimore and a consumer advocacy group have suggested the Trump government should override patents on overdose antidotes to in order to make these treatments cheaper and more accessible.

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