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Cat Fight: Cheetos Maker Pepsi Challenges Orange Snack Rival

The crunchy snack manufacturer has accused a new competitor, Peatos, of trademark violations and has issued a “cease-and-desist” letter to the rival firm.

Where does graffiti stand when it comes to copyright?

As street art and graffiti become more and more embraced by fashion and big business and become marketable commodities, what does this mean for the art form’s legal status?

Trump ready to ratchet up China trade war with more tariffs – report

As part of his hard line on trade, the US President has announced to aides that he is willing to impose tariffs of $200 billion more in Chinese imports in the near future.

Disney Wins Injunctions Against Redbox: Movie Download Codes Can’t Be Sold Separately

The studio has successfully won the right to stop the DVD rental kiosk operator disassembling Disney combo packs made up of Blu-ray discs, a DVD and digital download code.

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