Struggling to keep up with all the intellectual property news around the world? Read our round-up of the top news, this week featuring the Beyoncé and Duran Duran!


y7sqo1p6b0a-tracy-thomas‘Tartan Army’ case shows well-known words and phrases can be trade marks, says expert

A recent ruling by the Court of Session in Edinburgh shows that well-known words and phrases can be registered as trade marks, according to an intellectual property law expert.

Duran Duran to renew legal battle over US song rights

Duran Duran are to appeal against a ruling last year banning them from reclaiming copyright over their own work.

Beyoncé And Jay Z Could Be Feeling Blue Over ‘Blue Ivy’ Trademark

Beyoncé and Jay Z submitted an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last January to register ‘Blue Ivy Carter’, only to find out that a New England company called Blue Ivy events already owns a trademark for ‘Blue Ivy’.

Midas touch: the artist using gold to turn films into flickering frescos

A Californian artist, Joe Ramirez, has patented a new art form involving the fusion of painting and film since working on ‘The Gold Projections’.

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