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PepsiCo in legal battle with moonshine distillery over ‘Mountain Dew’ trademark

The food and drink giant are opposed to a Tennessee distillery, ‘Ole Smoky Moonshine’, submitting a trademark application for the phrase “Mountain Dew” as they claim it will cause confusion and potentially damage their brand if it is granted.

So much TV, too little IP yields writers rich rewards

The current trend and demand for “book-to-TV” adaptations as a means of creating content with a built-in audience for the numerous streaming platforms out there has led to changes in how the accompanying intellectual property is found, acquired and used.

Elon Musk releases all Tesla patents to help save the earth

The billionaire founder of the electric car maker announced on Thursday in a blog post that he has released all of the company’s patents in a bid to fight climate change and to clear the path for others hoping to develop similar sustainable transport.

Netflix’s “Wild Wild Country” creators sued for copyright infringement

The creators of Netflix’s award-winning documentary series face claims from the Osho International Foundation, a group that promotes the teachings of the documentary’s subject, that a number of their copyrighted videos were used without permission.

Pepsico, Elon Musk, "Wild Wild Country" & more in latest IP news

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