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Ivanka Trump won China trademarks days before her father’s reversal on ZTE

The first daughter now holds 34 registered trademarks in the world’s second largest economy following the unusually speedy approval of a variety of trademarks by China on goods imported by Ivanka Trump Marks LLC, including products exempted from previously threatened by her father.

Animators File Copyright Suit Against ‘Iron Sky’ Producers

A group of visual effects technicians and animators who created some of the designs and sets for the cult “Nazis on the Moon” film Iron Sky (yes, you read that correctly) have filed a copyright suit against the producers for using their designs without proper rights or compensation.

Jay-Z defeats copyright claims over “‘Big Pimpin’”

Following claims that the rapper sampled from late Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdy without permission on his 1999 hit “Big Pimpin’”, Jay-Z has been awarded a victory in a copyright infringement lawsuit held in California.

T-shirt maker sinks rival with dubious trademark of 150-year old nautical icon

In a case described as an example of “trademark bullying and IP trolling”, a California-based maritime news website has been forced to stop selling t-shirts featuring historic shipping icon the Plimsoll Line, as they cannot afford to defend the case.

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