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Jury Rules in Comic-Con Trademark Case

It’s San Diego versus Salt Lake City in the battle over who legally owns the trademarked phrase ‘Comic-Con’.

Lego wins first copyright case against China copies

Victory over Chinese ‘copycats’ shows “continued focus on proper intellectual property protection” by Chinese courts.

How a YouTube Video Sparked a Decades-Old Music Copyright Debate That Refuses to Be Resolved

“How to Avoid Copyright on YouTube” video posted in 2013 sparks major discussion at music industry roundtable event in Norway.

Wu-Tang Clan member goes after pun-loving dog walkers

Wu-Tang Clan member takes legal action against Brooklyn dog walker, ‘Woof-Tang Clan’, for violation of his registered trademarks “Wu-Tang” and “Wu-Tang Clan”.

Bet365 gamble pays off at EU General Court

British online gambling company finally receives partial backing from EU General Court in battle to trademark name in the EU.

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