Apple, Microsoft & more…Keep up with what has been happening this week in our latest IP news round-up…

Microsoft files patent to score employees’ body language in meeting

Microsoft has files a patent for a system which monitors employees on their body language and facial expressions in meetings and gives a score on the quality of the event.

Apple applies for patent for technology that allows facial expressions to control Airpods

Apple’s patent application to the US Patent Office has revealed that they are working on technology that enables airpods (in-ear headphones) to be controlled by facial expressions.

American car freshener company loses trademark case over similar name for products

Car Freshner have lost a trademark lawsuit against American covers for naming their air freshener products ‘Midnight Black Ice Storm’ which they claim is similar to their own air freshener products called ‘Black Ice’. The district court rejected their claim stating that the names were not similar enough.

Mexico has a new IP law

Earlier this year, Mexican Congress passed the Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property which took over the Law of Industrial Property. Since then, significant changes have been made to this new law after the signing of the US, Mexico and Canada agreement.

Apple patents borderless phone screens

Apple has filed a patent called Optical System and Method to Mimic Zero-border Display which will enable the borders of iPhone, iPads and iMac screens to be thinner and appear non-existent.

Apple, Microsoft & more...

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