Apple & Qualcomm settle their patent war & more…Keep up to date with the latest intellectual property news in our weekly round-up…

Apple, Qualcomm settle patent nuclear war

Apple and Qualcomm today settled out of court all of their various patent and licensing legal battles against one another around the world.

Glendfiddich loses label trademark battle

Glendfiddich has lost a trademark dispute against an Indian beverage company accused of copying the Speyside distillery’s label.

Sony just filed a patent for watching live eSports via PlayStation VR like you’re actually there

A couple of just-published patents by Sony might allow PSVR users to spectate live events and insert avatars of their friends into games.

PayPal wins patent for way to defend against crypto ransomware

Online payments giant PayPal has been awarded a patent for a technique that could detect a type of crypto malware and mitigate its effect.

And finally…

FUCT fashion label takes its ‘scandalous’ trademark case to supreme court

The supreme court will hear from a clothing label which says it has been unfairly treated because of its “vulgar” name. Lawyers for Erik Brunetti, owner of the popular brand FUCT, will challenge the provisions of federal law that allows for “immoral or scandalous matter” to be refused trademark protection.

Apple & Qualcomm settle their patent war & more...

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