OK, Boomer…Keep up with what’s been happening this week in our IP news round-up…

Apple, Intel file antitrust case against SoftBank-backed firm over patent practices

Apple and Intel on Wednesday filed an antitrust lawsuit against SoftBank-owned Fortress Investment Group, alleging the firm stockpiled patents to hold up technology companies with lawsuits demanding as much as $5.1 billion from Apple.

French media launch copyright case against Google

French media organisations lodged a complaint against Google to the country’s competition authority Wednesday over the US internet giant’s refusal to pay for displaying their content.

FBI wishes it had acted quicker as China stole intellectual property

The FBI wished it had taken swifter action as Beijing recruited US-based researchers to transfer intellectual property from American laboratories, a senior official at the agency said on Tuesday during Senate testimony.

Dubai ‘economic zone’ enacts wide-ranging IP law

The Dubai International Finance Centre has enacted a new law governing all aspects of IP enforcement, effective November 21st.

And finally…

Fox tries to trademark “OK, Boomer” for a new television show

Fox has become the latest firm to attempt to trademark the phrase “OK, Boomer” a way of mocking the older generations for being out of touch.

OK, Boomer...Keep up with what's been happening this week in our IP news round-up...

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