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Cadbury appeal for purple trademark denied

An attempt by the chocolate manufacturers to trademark their “iconic colour purple” has been dismissed by the UK Court of Appeal, a move that could potentially leave them open for attack from third parties.

The blind woman developing tech for the good of others

A Japanese technologist left blind by a swimming pool accident in her teens has dedicated her work to developing artificial intelligence to help transform the lives of others with visual impairment, with developments including digital Braille innovations and a voice-controlled smartphone navigation app.

Yellow Belly beer could be discontinued over trademark dispute

A craft beer brewed in Lincolnshire faces being discontinued after being alerted to the fact that it shares its names with a beer already registered by Swedish company Omnipollo.

Anish Kapoor declares ‘victory’ over National Rifle Association in copyright feud

Following a months-long dispute with the NRA, the British artist Anish Kapoor has declared victory over the pro-gun group following their unauthorized use of an image of one of his sculptures.

…And finally…

Protecting reggae – cultural heritage needs IP

BIG UP! The Jamaican music genre has recently been added to the UN’s list of International Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list, but what does this mean for the owners of this type of trademark…?

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