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Christian Louboutin wins bid to protect red sole TM

The French footwear designer has finally won in their long-running trademark dispute against Van Haren, a Dutch retailer, who they claim infringed their trademark for their distinct red-soled shoes. Vivez les semelles rouge!

Gigi Hadid sued over unauthorized publication of paparazzi photo on Instagram

The supermodel has had a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against her by X-clusive Lee, a New York-based paparazzi company, who claim to own the rights to a photo of the model that she posted on her personal Instagram account in 2017. This begs the question – who really owns the rights to an image of themselves, the photographer or the subject…?

Amazon wins patent to deliver packages on buses

The online retail giant won a patent to collect and deliver packages via drone in December 2016 and they have now widened their delivery options even further by winning a patent to allow customers to pick up packages on public buses, a move that Amazon hope will make deliveries in rural areas easier.

…. And finally….

IPEC praises Trump’s ‘significant efforts’ to protect American IP

The Trump-nominated US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Vishal Amin has praised the President’s approach and actions in protecting and promoting American intellectual property. Although Amin didn’t choose to mention specific examples, he cited the focus on putting “America First” in economic prosperity as a move towards protecting, promoting and prioritising the country’s IP…

Gigi Hadid, Amazon delivery patents and more in the latest IP news

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