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CIPA urges UK to stay in EUIPO post-Brexit

CIPA president Stephen Jones has written a letter to Theresa May and Brexit secretary Dominic Raab urging them to continue the UK’s participation in the EU’s system of trademarks and designs as the Brexit negotiations rumble on.

Poet takes Daft Punk and The Weeknd to court, again

‘Yasminah’, a poet of Somail-American descent, has reignited her 2017 copyright battle against the two musicians amid claims their 2016 collaboration “Starboy” ripped off her song “Jewel of my Life”, and that her previous attempt to seek damages saw her receiving no money as a result.

Sony Patents New PlayStation VR Tech Designed to Eliminate the Motion Sickness Problem

The tech giant may have found a solution to the nausea issue experienced by many people when using VR headsets by proposing an added “health threshold value” to the PSVR headset, a move to make VR more appealing to a wider audience as well as less nausea-inducing…

Russian company plans to trademark Novichok suspects’ names ‘so they can sell perfumes and chemicals’

…and finally, the ‘assassins’ accused of carrying out the poisoning in Salisbury earlier this year are to be gifted with their very own trademark by Russian company Golden Brand. A spokesperson has claimed this will allow them to sell chemicals and perfumes, although they may not be the top of anyone’s duty free shopping list any time soon…


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