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U.S. Trade Commission now investigating Apple in Qualcomm patent dispute

Qualcomm claims Apple is violating several patents related to mobile technologies.

Podcast patent ruled invalid by court

Personal Audio LCC accused of not inventing ‘anything new’ when it acquired the 2012 patent.

Gucci sues Forever 21 for trademark infringement

Fashion house sues retailer for ‘blatant emploitation’ of its famous trademarks.

Swindell & Pearson Case Study – Obtaining Patent and Trade Mark Protection for Signstr8

Top patent firm, Swindell & Pearson, highlight one of their recent case studies. Great background reading for students and recent graduates.

Men are twice as likely to have mental health problems caused by their job

Mental health charity, Mind, encourages employers to sign up to the Workplace Wellbeing Index. Is your prospective employer signed up?

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