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Louboutin wins fight to trademark red soles

The European Court of Justice has ruled that Louboutin has the right to trademark its signature red-soled shoes. This is a key victory in what has been a long-running battle.

Uber applies for patent to spot drunk passengers

The taxi app company have applied to for a patent to use artificial intelligence to determine how drunk potential passengers might be.

World’s 5 largest IP offices name artificial intelligence a top strategic priority

The heads of the patent offices of China, Europe, Korea, Japan and the United States have declared that artificial intelligence is one of the top strategic priorities for them as a group.

Patent suggests future iPhone could be more water-resistant

The news we’ve all been waiting for, Apple have filed a patent for ‘sealed accessories for electronic devices’ and it details accessories that have a liquid-tight seal when plugged into a device.

And, tragically…

Memes ‘will be banned’ under new EU copyright law, warn campaigners

The EU Copyright Directive intends to protect the intellectual property rights of people who upload material to the internet, but it could spell the end of the meme, digital campaigners warn.

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