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    Yusarn Audrey is a pioneer IP strategy and law firm in Singapore.

    In 1999, when Yusarn Audrey first started, very few people in Singapore had ever heard of an IP specialist law firm. We were among the first law firms set up to serve clients in this specialised field.

    In fact, we set out to do more than that, we wanted to be a law firm that created value for our clients. At that time, we had a vision of the future of business and realised that the most successful companies and organisations will be those who harness their intellectual assets, those intangible qualities that make them uniquely powerful in the marketplace and the community, and use them to achieve their mission. We saw that our role as IP professionals gave us a unique opportunity to add value: to help our clients use IP strategically for their business and mission. The development of IP in Singapore and around the world and the transformation of Singapore into a regional and global IP hub since our inception has confirmed our foresight.

    From the beginning, we organised our firm and our services around this central idea: that Intellectual Property is a powerful business asset and must be managed strategically. Everything that we did for our clients must help them create, protect and harness this valuable resource – IP. Where other law firms continued to compartmentalise their services into different departments, we integrated our teams. At Yusarn Audrey, IP lawyers work with patent agents, corporate lawyers and litigation lawyers to ensure a seamless delivery of IP and legal services around the single objective – creating, protecting and realising value from our clients’ IP assets.

    In addition to this, we have developed new IP strategic advisory services as tools to ensure that our clients’ IP activities support and enhance their business strategies and objectives. By helping them to begin managing their IP in alignment with their business and mission, our clients have changed the way they look at IP. No longer just an expense, they now see IP as an asset and an investment for the future growth of their organisations.

    Today, Yusarn Audrey is one of the top IP law firms in Singapore. We have been consulted by companies, research institutions, universities, statutory boards, and government agencies both in Singapore and in other parts of Asia, and have helped them create new possibilities using their intellectual assets.

    This is what we live for in Yusarn Audrey, and what makes us excited and passionate about our work: igniting possibilities for our clients using IP.

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