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  • Name: Scott Macdonald
  • Job Title: Technical Assistant
  • Location: Manchester
  • University: Manchester
  • Degree: BSc Chemistry

What brought me to the patent profession?

Throughout school, I was always torn between a career in law or science.  In the end, I chose to pursue a degree in chemistry.  I thoroughly enjoyed my degree course, but my interest in law always remained. After University, I considered careers in pharmaceuticals, energy and healthcare. However, after reading a number of patents for my degree project’s literature review, and subsequently delving deeper into the subject, I discovered that a career combining both law and science did in fact exist.

Why and how did I apply to Wilson Gunn?

I hoped to remain in Manchester after completing my degree, and chose to apply to Wilson Gunn for a number of reasons. A primary one was that they recruited into, and were looking to expand, their Manchester office. I had also read that the firm had a long history in the city and a strong reputation for providing quality professional advice to local businesses.

I submitted an application and was invited to an interview. The interview was a surprisingly pleasant experience, and from it I received a great first impression of the firm. Needless to say, I was delighted when I was offered a position.

Why I am happy I chose to join Wilson Gunn

From the outset I was made to feel a welcome and valued member of the team. As I hadn’t given it much thought at the time, I soon realised that joining a “medium sized” firm was a fortunate decision. As with many firms, each technical assistant works alongside one of the firm’s partners, who you report to and discuss work with on a daily basis. However, all partners, attorneys and staff members in the office are approachable and the office maintains a sense of community.

I have had great experience working with a number of large clients, managing and prosecuting their global patent portfolio, whilst also working with a number of smaller clients and inventors. Despite its size, I have found that Wilson Gunn retains a number of high-profile clients as a result of our team of adept and dedicated attorneys.

What is life like for a trainee at the firm?

From my experience so far I have found that trainees are given a great deal of responsibility and in return are expected to produce work to a high standard. If you can do so, there is no hesitation in involving you in important and difficult cases. Within my first six months I had been greatly involved in the prosecution of a client’s international patent portfolio. This has given me valuable experience of patent prosecution in several countries worldwide, most notably the US, China, Japan and Australia.

Trainees at Wilson Gunn sit the PEB foundation examinations, and in-house training is supplemented by external courses and tutorials. A number of the partners are tutors on respected university courses on patent law, which is indicative of Wilson Gunn’s interest in supporting trainees and the firm’s passion for maintaining the quality and reputation of the profession.

Wherever you apply, good luck in the application process and I wish you a successful and rewarding career.


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