• Name: Timothy Greenwood
  • Job Title: Trade Mark Assistant
  • Location: London
  • University: Birmingham
  • Degree: MA Translation Studies

I joined Boult Wade Tennant after nearly four years in the translation industry. I had worked on translations of tens of thousands of intellectual property documents in that time and realised that I was interested in a more active role in the industry. I was also aware that modern languages was a sought-after degree in the trade marks sector and that a background in law was by no means a prerequisite. Having the opportunity to combine work and study without having to return to full-time education was certainly a big factor in my decision to look into a career as a trade mark attorney.

I interviewed at a few firms, but Boult Wade Tennant was the only one offering a full week of hands-on experience for aspiring trainees. After spending a week with the firm last summer, which I found to be an invaluable insight into the work done by professionals in this area, I returned for a largely informal interview in the autumn and was offered the position shortly afterwards.

My day to day work varies greatly but I have been involved in a broad spectrum of the tasks that a trade mark attorney undertakes, including the drafting and filing of new trade mark applications, the maintenance of existing trade mark registrations and the transfer of ownership of intellectual property.

I have had the opportunity to use my language skills and have enjoyed working with a very wide range of clients from several industry sectors. It is definitely useful to have some idea of clients’ commercial concerns as well as being able to apply points of trade mark law to potential new applications. Research skills are also useful when learning more about a client’s particular commercial niche or checking for conflicting existing registrations.

Over the coming years I hope to gain further insight into contentious matters and opposition proceedings while working towards the qualifications that are required to become an attorney. I know the firm will continue to support me through this process.

Organisation is essential in this profession: from the very start, I was assigned a large number of cases, all of which have their own deadlines and requirements. I am also in daily communication with colleagues and clients, so the ability to write in a clear and precise manner is key, as is attention to detail.

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