• Name: Samantha Moreton
  • Job Title: Trainee Patent Attorney
  • Location: Glasgow
  • University: Strathclyde
  • Degree: PhD Chemistry
  • Areas of Specialism: Chemistry

How did you get your job at Lawrie IP?
The interview process comprised of an initial telephone interview, followed by a face-to-face interview and then a final meeting with the directors over lunch. I was asked a range of questions about my skills and experience and was also presented with some technical questions and written tasks. As part of the process, I was also given the opportunity to speak to one of the trainees about their experience in the firm.

The interview process is thorough, but I got the impression that the interviewers wanted to get to know me and make sure that I was the right fit for their team. It also gave me the opportunity to learn more about the role and the team I would be working with, which was an important part in helping me decide that Lawrie IP was the right firm for me.

What is it like working at Lawrie IP?
From my first day working at Lawrie IP, I was provided with a variety of tasks for a range of different clients. As part of a client-focused firm, I have interacted with clients since my first day and attend regular client meetings. This is great for building confidence in your ability to provide accurate advice and is excellent training for when you are responsible for your own clients.

Training is provided by the qualified attorneys who are supervising the cases on which I am working. I am provided with constructive feedback, which allows me to learn and grow in confidence as I become more experienced. All the qualified attorneys are very friendly and approachable, and I never feel in a position where I can’t ask them a question or ask them to explain something in a bit more detail.

What opportunities are there for development at Lawrie IP?
As part of a growing firm, I am actively encouraged to get involved in other aspects of the business to help with my career development. I am a member of our “ISO team”, which involves taking on extra responsibilities to ensure that we maintain our ISO accreditations. I also attend regular networking events to engage with prospective clients and other members of the IP profession.

Lawrie IP is a fantastic place to work, and I highly recommend it as an excellent firm to develop your career.

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