• Name: Charles Hempsted
  • Job Title: Trainee Patent Attorney
  • Location: London
  • University: UCL
  • Degree: MSci Physics (First Class Honours)
  • Areas of Specialism: Physics

How did you get your Job at EIP?
After sending off my CV and covering letter to EIP I had a brief informal video call with the Head of Talent Acquisition to discuss my application. After two interviews I was contacted and offered a position. During my interviews I had the opportunity to meet some of the people that I would work with if successful.

Why did you choose EIP?
There were two main reasons I chose EIP. One of them was the people who interviewed me. The other factor was the amount of direct client work I would handle, including interviewing inventors, drafting patent applications, and prosecuting applications.

What’s it like working at EIP?
EIP is a modern, open-minded firm which trusts trainees with responsibility from the start. Within a couple of months of joining I was interviewing inventors and drafting patent applications. I’ve now been here for over a year and half and have drafted over twenty patent applications.

What are your main duties/roles in your current position?
When you first start, your workload is initially determined by your line manager. However, as you progress you work with more qualified attorneys. Every attorney has their own style and processes so this is a great way to get a lot of experience. I’m responsible for drafting patent applications, prosecuting patent applications and speaking with clients to educating them on IP issues.

What skills have you found to be particularly useful in this sector/profession?
Attention to detail is a critical skill for any patent attorney. Making mistakes which cannot be easily corrected, can lead to a loss of rights for your client. Learning to prioritise your workload is essential. You can be working on several cases for different clients and being able to manage your cases so that you can meet the various deadlines is crucial.

How do you see yourself progressing from your current position in the next 2-3 years?
Within the next three years I hope to be a fully qualified patent attorney. There are UK exams, to qualify as a UK patent attorney, and European exams, to qualify as a European patent attorney. It is important that trainees get practical, real world experience dealing with patents to properly prepare them for the examinations. This makes EIP a great place to train.

What is your daily/weekly schedule generally like?
My day starts with checking my emails and planning out the tasks for that day. Learning to manage and prioritise your workload is vital. I often have meetings with senior attorneys to discuss cases and to receive training. Attending client meetings is also commonplace for trainees at EIP.

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