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Improve your understanding of the legal implications of generating and commercialising innovation, creativity, and brands whilst adding a competitive edge to your legal career.

Intellectual Property Law at Aberdeen provides a challenging and stimulating degree for engaging with a future that lies in innovation and effective branding.

This constantly evolving field explores the key issues of control and reward in innovation and society, and focuses on areas such as arts, literature, trademarks, brands, health, media, food, agriculture and new information technologies including artificial intelligence and 3D printing.

This programme offers an opportunity for students to explore a range of fascinating and multi-faceted legal and societal questions across the globe, examining the benefits and challenges within corporate and economic frameworks whilst gaining expertise in an area that is extremely valuable to businesses.

This programme was designed by intellectual property law experts at the University alongside external intellectual property experts. With this combined input, you will gain unique insights into the subject and will advance your understanding of the factors that influence it. The programme has been carefully coordinated to align with the competencies required for today’s international job market, and also offers the opportunity to study other existing LLM courses that fit well within the programme, such as: World Trade Organisation, International Food Law, Energy and Environmental Law, International Trade and Finance Law, and International Commercial Arbitration.

The University of Aberdeen is known for attracting world-class teaching staff with international experience in their specialist subjects, meaning you will have access to first rate teaching from globally respected thought leaders.

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