Top Intellectual Property Issues to Watch in 2022 & more… Keep up with what has been happening this week in our latest IP news round-up…

Top Intellectual Property Issues to Watch in 2022

Cadwalader intellectual property attorneys Dorothy R. Auth, Howard Wizenfeld, and Dash Cole look at key IP cases to watch in 2022. They recommend keeping an eye on a U.S. Supreme Court case involving patent eligibility, and two potential Supreme Court cases that could affect the biotech and pharma industries, as well as a case that involves artwork by Andy Warhol.

A battle is brewing at the WTO. Here’s why it matters for a global Covid-19 response

For the past year, member nations of the World Trade Organization have been deadlocked over a proposal made by India and South Africa to temporarily suspend intellectual property rights to boost production of Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics for low-income nations.

Abbott sues DexCom over glucose-monitoring patent settlement, license

An Abbott Laboratories subsidiary focused on diabetes care sued rival DexCom in Delaware federal court for allegedly violating a 2014 settlement agreement and asked the court to declare that Abbott doesn’t infringe its patents.

Colossus Bets sues DraftKings over cashout patent infringement

Colossus Bets holds seven US patents related to a cashout product, all referring to a “full or partial buy-out offer made at any time prior to completion of a wagering event”.

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