The past 18 months has seen a fair few ups and downs in recruitment trends, with the last big uplift being in trademarks earlier this year. Around Autumn 2020 we began to note that roles in biotechnology were on a steady rise with opportunities being advertised and subsequently filled, relatively straightforwardly. The number of roles seemed to match the number of suitable candidates, with a little help from advertising and networking. This trend continued until around March of this year when it seemed the needs of most firms had been satisfied for the time being and the spotlight shifted to trademarks where the increase in demand really began (and is continuing) to ramp up.   

Recently we have noticed another spike in roles for candidates with a background in biotechnology, however this time around there is much more available across all levels from 18 months’ in/part qualified up to Senior Associate. Most are located in the South, in particular London and Cambridge, but with more firms becoming open to remote working as a result of the pandemic it really opens up the doors to candidates a little further afield (although travel to the office will still be expected to some extent). The firms themselves all have their own unique selling points so there really is plenty of choice for those who might be considering a move. Whether it’s somewhere to fast track your career, have access to a busy oppositions practice, benefit from an unrivalled inhouse training scheme or work with visible and extremely credible Partners. 

After shaky and uncertain times, it really is a positive shift for IP recruitment. Firms are becoming less tentative in their approach to new hires and some are recruiting multiple positions across a number of disciplines. All of the roles we’re working on can be found in the Jobs section of our website, or if you just fancy a chat give us a call! We’re always happy to answer any questions over the phone or maybe even over a socially distanced coffee and cake.

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