YouTube updates copyright-reporting system & more…Keep up with what’s been happening this week in our IP news round-up…

IBM patents smartwatch which unfolds into a tablet

IBM has received a patent for a smartwatch which unfolds into a smartphone and then can be further extended into a tablet. The smartwatch-to-tablet patent, which was awarded on 11 June, builds on the record 9,100 patents which IBM received in 2018. Its single-panel smart watch can unfold into a four-panel smartphone, and from there into an eight-panel tablet, with extra screens all housed beneath the smartwatch screen.

Cameron Intellectual Property announces London expansion

Cameron Intellectual Property has announced major growth plans for London.

YouTube updates copyright-reporting system to make it easier for creators to manage claims

Effective as of July 9th, YouTube requires copyright owners to provide timestamps for all new manual Content ID claims.

IP Europe policy recommendations call on EU to promote IP

IP Europe has launched a series of policy recommendations that call for European policymakers to prioritise IP protection at the highest political level within the EU.

Intel is halting its modem IP auction after finding a possible buyer

Intel Corp has temporarily halted its multibillion-dollar auction of some 8,500 patents related to mobile model chips, to give a single  buyer more time to exclusively review the portfolio.

Former Coca-Cola scientist indicted & more...

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