Amazon delivery drones could be used to spy on homes & more…Keep up with what’s been going on this week in our latest intellectual property news round-up…

VW wins copyright case over Beetle design

Volkswagen Group won a copyright case brought by the daughter of Erwin Komenda, who helped to style the original VW Beetle. She claimed the newer Beetles still incorporated elements of her father’s design used in three generations of a car that has sold over 22 million examples since it first entered mass production following the Second World War.

Adidas loses three-stripe trademark battle in European court

Adidas has been unsuccessful in an attempt to expand its trademark three-stripe design in the EU after a court ruled it was not “distinctive” enough.

Amazon delivery drones could be used to spy on homes, new patent reveals

Amazon drones could be used to perform surveillance operations when not delivering packages, according to a patent filed by the online retail giant. “The delivery of a package using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) may include performing a surveillance action at a property of an authorised party,” states the patent, which was approved by the USPTO on 18 June. “The surveillance action may include imaging the property, and may be performed before or after the package is delivered.”

Film London launches intellectual property showcase UPstream

UK screen industries agency Film London is launching an intellectual property event called Upstream in which content creators will present material to UK producers, distributors, agents and other potential buyers on June 27th.

Amazon delivery drones could be used to spy on homes & more...

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