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Dr Dre loses trademark battle with a gynaecologist called Dr Drai

The hip hop star was locked in a long-running dispute with a Pennsylvania-based gynaecologist who tried to trademark the name Dr Drai, claiming it would cause “confusion”.

Romantic novelist’s trademarking of word ‘cocky’ sparks outcry

A US romantic novelist has caused controversy by applying to trademark the word “cocky”, claiming it is “a brand” that she needs to ensure the future of her self-published series of novels.

Cambridge Analytica kept Facebook data models through US election

News that Cambridge Analytica did not delete data allowing companies to micro-target voters in the US election raises new questions around Mark Zuckerberg’s recent testimony to the US Congress.

Apple and Samsung face off in court over design patents once again

The legal battle over Samsung’s previous infringements on Apple patents still rumbles on, with the two smartphone companies set to meet in court in California next week.

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