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U.S Patent System Falls to 12th Place in Chamber Global IP Index for 2018

Despite still being top in terms of overall score, the US has fallen from 10th place for patent protection. They now tie with Italy in 12th place.

Instagram now lets content owners scan and block for copyright-infringement

Facebook has extended its content-scanning feature to Instagram. This allows media companies to identify and block copyright infringements on videos.

GSK sues US rival over alleged HIV drug patent infringement

GSK are suing Gilead over a patent infringement on its HIV drug. Gilead have won approval for their own once-daily HIV drug but GSK claim that it infringes their patent covering a key chemical, dolutegravir.

Film director accuses BBC of breach of copyright for McMafia

A film director is claiming that two independent producers working on McMafia used his 2007 short film, Londongrad, as the basis for the hit BBC drama.

Louboutin faces setback in EU legal battle over red soles

The European Court of Justice are discussing whether ‘colour’ comes under the umbrella ‘shape’ when applying for patents. If it does, then Christian Louboutin’s trademark for his red soles could become invalid.


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