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As soon as Jodie Whittaker jumped in her Tardis this week she changed gender role perceptions for a whole new generation of young women. The first female Doctor Who’s ground-breaking turn has not only served to challenge decades of attitudes towards traditionally male-dominated roles, but could even encourage a new wave of budding scientists to explore a career in science.

STEM roles have often traditionally experienced a gender divide, with more men than women pursuing a career across Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics industries. However, intellectual property firm Wynne- Jones IP said STEM offers “unparalleled” opportunities to young women looking for a rewarding and enriching career. Here, Christina Schiavone from the intellectual property firm explains why more women should pursue a career in these innovative industries and embrace their inner STEM superhero.

Increasing job opportunities
It has been reported that over 142,000 jobs will be created in the UK within the science, research, engineering and technology sectors before 2023, according to the Social Market Foundation and EDF. As such, there are an abundance of career prospects and opportunities which young women can capitalise on in the coming years. According to EDF research, these fields will also grow twice as fast compared to other industries due to the constant evolution of new technologies and need for progressive medical innovations. With this many new jobs being created and a shortfall of students studying relevant STEM subjects, there will be significant opportunities in STEM industries.

Higher earning potential
Earning potential is at the forefront of any graduate’s mind when they embark on their career. As such, it will be welcome news that those entering STEM professions that they are predicted to earn around £250,000 more on average during their working life than non-graduates, according to the Confederation of British Industry.

Incredibly diverse opportunities
STEM careers are not simply confined to a laboratory – contrary to wide-spread belief. STEM affects everything around us, from enhance driving safety, to enhancing educational standards, to transforming medical care, and solving global environmental issues. Therefore, a career in the STEM industry is not just incredibly diverse, but also has the potential to transform lives worldwide. Spanning from the entertainment and aerospace fields, to sport and fashion, there’s a variety of ways that graduates can use their STEM skills.

Career longevity
Career longevity is vital to anyone entering a new career, particularly after undertaking extensive studying at university.
In a bid to retain and develop their staff over longer periods, many businesses within the STEM sector will offer long-term training opportunities, with the chance to work alongside industry experts and gain invaluable industry knowledge.

Further training will not only enhance their career understanding and make them more efficient employees, but it will pave the way for further professional development and eventual promotion within the company. For example, Wynne -Jones IP launched their innovative Training Academy in 2016, which focuses on intellectual property law, finance, business skills, and client relationship management with a view to creating well educated and well-rounded patent attorneys.

Changing the world
STEM careers not only span a diverse range of sectors but also have the potential to change the world. Workers in this sector are at the forefront of medical innovation, are transforming technology worldwide, and challenging understanding around global environmental issues. Those working across these sectors not only have the opportunity to embark on innovative careers, but can make a real impact in sectors worldwide. A STEM role promises to be rewarding in every aspect, allowing you to shape the world, and offering an unparalleled sense of job satisfaction.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in STEM within intellectual property, Wynne-Jones IP offer an in-house Training Academy to support new graduate recruits into becoming industry leading Patent Attorneys. The specialist scheme provided by the firm offers a comprehensive look into all aspects of commercial awareness and for more information on the Training Academy, visit Wynne-Jones IP’s website.

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