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    About us

    UKAEA researches fusion energy and related technologies, with the aim of positioning the UK as a leader in sustainable nuclear energy.

    Mission & goals

    UKAEA’s mission is to lead the delivery of sustainable fusion energy and maximise the scientific and economic benefit.

    The five interconnected strategic goals to deliver on this mission are:

    • Solve challenges of sustainable fusion energy – from design through to decommissioning – with world-leading science and engineering.
    • Enable partners to design, deliver, and operate commercial fusion power plants.
    • Drive UK economic growth and a thriving industry that exports fusion technology around the world.

    Create clusters that accelerate innovation in fusion and related technologies.

    Develop the talented, diverse people needed to deliver fusion energy.

    Fusion, the process that powers the Sun, can play a big part in our low-carbon energy future. UKAEA manages the UK fusion programme. Our scientists and engineers are working with partners around the globe to develop fusion as a new source of sustainable energy for tomorrow’s power stations. UKAEA’s research can be accessed at the UKAEA Scientific Publications site.

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    Office Locations

    • Oxfordshire

    Areas of Specialism

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Biotechnology
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Electronics
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Engineering - Other
    • Life Sciences
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Physics
    • Technology
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