• Name: Henry Cox
  • Job Title: Trainee Patent Attorney
  • Location: Manchester
  • University: Manchester
  • Degree: Physics
  • Areas of Specialism: Physics

Why I chose the patent attorney career?
I have always enjoyed learning about new science and technology, so when I spoke to a patent attorney at a University careers session it immediately felt like a good fit for me. After reading the IP Careers Guide, I was happy to see there were plenty of firms in Manchester, my preferred location.

Before applying, I attended an open day of a Manchester-based firm. This was a great experience and I strongly recommend attending one if you can. A few different firms run them and it is a good way to get an insight into the profession. It is also a good thing to mention in a cover letter or interview.

Why did I choose Wilson Gunn and how did I secure a position?
I initially made a phone call to Wilson Gunn in December 2018 enquiring about a job advert I had seen. They put me straight through to one of their senior partners to discuss opportunities, and this gave me confidence that they valued new trainees and were an open, friendly place to work. I followed up the call by sending in a cover letter and CV, then had a face-to-face interview and was subsequently offered a job.

The CV I sent in had been through a few iterations with the University Careers Service advisors. These kinds of services really help with preparing cover letters and CVs, as well as doing mock-interviews. No matter how good you think your CV is, having another pair of eyes take a look is always a good thing!

How do I feel about the profession one year in?
At Wilson Gunn you work on patents from a variety of fields and, on occasion, other aspects of a client’s IP such as trade marks and designs. As such, no two weeks are the same and you are constantly learning. I am also enjoying the work more as I progress and need less frequent guidance from my supervising partners.

As a patent attorney you sometimes review physical samples of a proposed invention. This means your office often has some interesting additional furniture, and that you occasionally venture out of the office to meet clients at their office to discuss inventions. This is an aspect of the work I particularly enjoy.

The work culture is very friendly and there are regular social events to let your hair down both within the firm and with trainees in other firms. As such, I have no regrets about joining Wilson Gunn or the patent attorney profession.

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