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  • Name: Molly Harte
  • Job Title: Trainee Patent Attorney
  • Location: London
  • University: Cambridge
  • Degree: Natural Sciences
  • Areas of Specialism: Physics

I knew when I produced my third wrongly coloured compound in as many weeks that being a lab-based chemist wasn’t the role for me. Being a running joke with the practical demonstrators didn’t exactly fill me with confidence! I picked a masters topic with a large desk work component, and hoped that I would find a role outside the typical lab chemist role.

I knew I wanted to continue to learn about science, and I was enthusiastic about learning to understand (or trying to…) the law.  I saw being a Patent Attorney as a perfect combination of several things I wanted from my future career – good work/life balance, interesting cross-over of science and law, and most importantly using my degree without ever having to venture back towards a fumehood!

Since starting at J A Kemp two years ago, I’ve learned so much.  For the first six months, we had tutorials as a year-group of six which provided a very helpful introduction to patents and IP law (and each other!).  When you arrive, you are assigned a mentor who oversees your training and gives you most of your cases to work on.  I found this helpful as it allows you to really get to grips with one partner’s style, and it allows for more in-depth, continued feedback.

I have attended a course in IP law at Queen Mary (virtually!). I was assigned a buddy and found it very helpful to be able to pester her with questions.  At J A Kemp, we recruit quite a few people each year, so you really benefit from the knowledge and support of the people who have gone through the process before you.

I’ve now been given my own ‘docket’ of cases, rather than being handed cases from my mentor. I enjoy being more responsible for my own work and my own cases as I progress.

I’m now facing the looming threat of the EQEs and GB exams.  J A Kemp also has a tutorial system in place for these, where qualified attorneys go over past papers with you, and encourage you to go on external training courses.  The firm really does everything to support its trainees through the exams!

If you’re interested in a challenging, science-based role where you can continue learning and developing, then I’d highly recommend you apply!

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