• Name: Chris Rodger
  • Job Title: Technical Assistant
  • Location: London
  • University: Sheffield
  • Degree: MEng Materials Science, Engineering
  • Areas of Specialism: Engineering - Other

Why did you choose Patent Boutique?
When I attended my interviews, I was struck by the friendly and engaging nature of everyone that I met at the firm. I was also excited by the chance to be a part of the first intake of trainees at Patent Boutique. It was clear that the firm was thriving, and growing as a result, so this was not an opportunity to be missed.

I am pleased to say that my initial impressions of the firm have since been confirmed. The importance placed on employee wellbeing and having modern working practices makes Patent Boutique an excellent choice for anyone thinking of joining the profession.

What are your main duties/roles in your current position?
Since day one, I have been given the opportunity to work on a wide range of tasks. My work includes meeting with clients to discuss their inventions, drafting applications and plenty of prosecution work. I have gained experience working with a variety of clients, from independent inventors to multinational companies with large in-house IP departments.

How do you see yourself progressing from your current position in the next 2-3 years?
Having recently taken and passed the Queen Mary certificate in intellectual property law, the next stage for my training is to take the pre-EQEs, the EQEs and the UK finals exams. Alongside the significant preparation required for these exams, I will also continue to perform client work to enable me to expand my skills and experience.

What challenges have you come across and what support have you received?
On my first day, with minimal legal knowledge, the prospect of being given client work to complete seemed daunting. However, I have been given the support required to ensure that the work is challenging but achievable. This has continued as I have gained more experience, with the level of independence increasing.

Internal tutorials on different aspects of patent law have been provided, which offer opportunities to have detailed discussions about areas that I may not have come across in my day to day work.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far at Patent Boutique. I have been made to feel welcome, encouraged to take ownership of my training, and supported in my development throughout. I would recommend anyone who is considering joining the profession to put them at the top of your list!

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