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  • Name: Joshua Mitchell
  • Job Title: Technical Assistant
  • Location: London
  • University: Southampton
  • Degree: Electronic Engineering

I returned to the UK after time abroad to study for a BEng in Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton. During my university life I completed numerous internships in the engineering sector and during my final year I asked myself the same question many finalists ask, what now?

I knew I wanted to use the skills I had developed during my degree and that I wanted to work in London. Unfortunately, not many careers allow both. Whilst researching for potential careers, I did find one possible candidate and that’s when I decided to pursue a career in intellectual property to become, one day, a patent attorney. After sending off a number of job applications to different firms, I was fortunate enough to be asked back for an interview for a number of them.

My interview with Maucher Jenkins was my third at a patent attorney firm. I was pleasantly surprised at the friendly, inclusive atmosphere and the interview flew by. I left the interview feeling that Maucher Jenkins would suit me and that the environment was one I could excel in and I am thankful that 10 months into the job those feelings remain. After being offered the role, I duly accepted without hesitation.

The role of Technical Assistant at Maucher Jenkins is both varied and challenging. From day one I was contributing to the firm by prosecuting patent applications. In addition to learning the basics of European and UK patent Law, I have been able experience what it’s like to be a patent attorney. I have had the fulfilling experience of meeting inventors and then drafting and filing their patent applications. I have handled the back and forth relationship of a patent attorney and an examiner. I have helped carry out the detailed task of assessing whether a client has a freedom to operate and I have travelled to Munich to aid in a hearing. My main area of focus is in telecommunication but, at Maucher Jenkins, I have been involved in dealing with inventions ranging from tyres to lingerie.

The people at Maucher Jenkins are very supportive. Trainees, associates and partners alike are always willing to spend time and lend a hand. I am also looking forward to studying at QMUL to understand more about intellectual property law. I believe I am well on my way to becoming a skilled patent attorney.

The work is by no means straight forward and the legal aspects need to be grappled with but I would recommend a career in patent law if, like me, you enjoy challenges, have strong analytic skills and a keen attention to detail.

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