• Name: Emily Crizzle
  • Job Title: European Patent Attorney
  • Location: London
  • University: Liverpool
  • Degree: Astrophysics
  • Areas of Specialism: Physics

When I finished my degree, I knew I wanted to work in a scientific field that was commercial and involved deadlines. For me, the profession ticks all the boxes: it is international and offers a unique mix of technology, law and language, as well as job security. It also provides a good work-life balance, without the high stress culture sometimes associated with the legal sector.

Having worked at two previous firms, I joined HGF as a trainee patent attorney in the electronics team. I was drawn to HGF for a number of reasons: I found its international nature in terms of both clients and offices, combined with its team culture particularly appealing. Despite spanning over ten offices in Europe, HGF ensures that work is spread across the whole team, which makes for a supportive working environment.

I was also eager to take the opportunity to work in the fast-paced telecoms sector. As soon as I started, I was put to work on 5G standards cases. However, the variety of technology has by no means been narrow, with cases ranging from display interface technology to medical devices. Our clients are also wide ranging, from multinational corporations to universities and local start-up businesses, with plenty of exposure to advanced prosecution in oral proceedings and drafting.

Another motivation for joining HGF was its structured training scheme. Taking European final exams in my first three months confirmed how rounded the training is at HGF, with internal tutorials available in the six months leading up to the exams, and a generous training budget to attend external courses. However, HGF’s training extends beyond the day job, with courses on “soft skills” available throughout the year. Having attended one on personal effectiveness in my first three months, I was impressed at how HGF invest in their staff. I was also drawn to HGF’s drive for inclusivity, and was particularly pleased when HGF supported me in running a STEM workshop on IP for schools across the South East.

Overall, I enjoy being at the forefront of innovation. It is fascinating to learn about cutting edge technologies and how they can be applied to solve real world problems. Between its diverse technology and client-base, together with its team culture and rounded training, HGF is a progressive firm for developing as an attorney.

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