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Intellectual property is an exciting and increasingly important area of law, particularly internationally and EU-wide. The course offers students the opportunity to explore intellectual property law in both the UK and EU contexts, together with the links to competition law, sport and medical innovation as well as the burgeoning area of Data Protection Law.

Modules covered include:

  • Competition and Intellectual Property Law in the European Union
  • Intellectual Property and Innovation
  • Intellectual Property, Public Health and Medical Innovation
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Sport, Intellectual Property and Commerce

The LLM Intellectual Property Law offers the opportunity to gain significant insight into the legal frameworks and principles underpinning this burgeoning sector.

LLM Intellectual Property Law will support students in gaining a high-level appreciation of the scope of intellectual property law and the principles and rationale which underpin the law. This is reinforced by developing awareness of a range of critiques which pertain to the sector, including those relating to the scope and applicability of the various rights. Based on this students develop an appreciation through developing expertise in the application of these rights in key contexts, in particular the International and European Union approaches to intellectual property rights. In respect of the latter, the inherent tension between the creation of monopoly rights and the European Union’s single market regulations are explored.

This flexible course can be studied over one year, full-time and two years part-time. Individual modules can be studied for CPD awards for those working in the legal profession. All LLM modules are accredited by the SRA for CPD purposes.

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