Level(s) of Study: Practitioner / Professional

Start Date(s): Every month from March to June and October to December inclusive

Duration: At student’s own pace within a 5 year registration

Study Mode(s): Distance learning / Part-time

Campus: City Campus

Why choose this course?

This course is online, at your pace. You choose when, where, and for how long.

  • Do you need to accelerate your knowledge of intellectual property (IP) and become proficient in the practice of IP in a few months?
  • Do you need to obtain a qualification in IP to enhance your profile and make you even more marketable so you may achieve your goals?
  • Are you a newly qualified Solicitor or Barrister practising IP?
  • Have you recently changed roles in your practice or become an in-house lawyer?
  • Have you decided to change the direction of your practice to one that includes IP?

If your answer to any of the above is “yes”, then this course is for you.

We have done the hard work for you by identifying what you need to know, how to apply it to practice and advise your client. We keep the law up to date and point you to articles and case law that will facilitate your learning about the nuances of commercial intellectual property.

Why study with Nottingham Law School?

  • We will teach you how to begin to think like an IP Practitioner Lawyer.
  • We will kick start your development into experienced, pragmatic and mature specialists. Thereafter, the addition of skill, judgment and authority in addressing the more complex aspects of IP law becomes important for you as a lawyer with ambition in the field of IP.
  • The course is accessed and delivered online, using NTU’s virtual learning platform, NOW. You therefore decide the speed at which you progress, depending on your personal circumstances. You may enrol on the first day of any month from October to June (inclusive).
  • You will be allocated an academic/personal tutor who will interact with you at designated milestones during the modules together with access to NTU’s own in-house IT Support Service.
  • The delivery of the course online enables NTU to provide you with different forms of learning activities and assessment. Assessment in the form of open book Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) is offered in module one and you will practise them in a formative way during the module.
  • The outcome after successful completion of the three modules is that you will begin to think like an IP Professional achieved at your pace and in your time.

What you’ll study

The Postgraduate Diploma in Commercial Intellectual Property comprises of three modules designed to take you from the foothills to the peak of commercial IP.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Commercial IP
  • Module 2: Key Concepts in Commercial IP
  • Module 3: Commercial IP Practice

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