US trademark and copyright offices to study IP impact of NFTs & more…Keep up with what has been happening this week in our latest IP news round-up…

Intellectual Property Office releases findings from design protection review

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has released the government’s responses to a call for views of the UK designs framework. The report reveals that the current system may be negatively affecting smaller design companies.

Zylorion Announces Filing of U.S. Provisional Patent For Novel Second-Generation Psilocybin-Based Compound

The provisional patent application covers the composition of matter of Zylorion’s novel psilocybin-based compound, ZYL-314, for the treatment of mental health disorders and other central nervous system conditions and cognitive disorders.

China sees solid intellectual property growth in first half of 2022

China’s stock pile of intellectual properties (IP) grew in the first half of the year despite the resurgences of COVID-19 infections across the country, according to China National Intellectual Property Administration.

US trademark and copyright offices to study IP impact of NFTs

As nonfungible tokens (NFTs) continue to garner interest, the United States Patent and Trademark Office and U.S. Copyright Office are set to launch a study into their impact on intellectual property rights.

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