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Apple must pay $500 million over patent violations, US court rules

A Texas court has ordered Apple to pay more than $500 million in damages and interest for 4G patent infringements held by intellectual property company PanOptis.

US Postal Service counters Trump attacks on mail-in voting with new blockchain patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office made public a patent application from the USPS titled ‘Secure Voting System’ that describes using blockchain technology to secure mail-in voting.

Moderna says uncertain about coronavirus vaccine patent exclusivity

Moderna Inc said there was a possibility it was not the first company to make breakthroughs claimed in its patent applications, including those for its experimental coronavirus vaccine, according to a recent regulatory filing.

Apple opposes trademark application for recipe App’s pear-shaped logo

In an Instagram post, the app’s developer said Apple has objected to the firm’s logo, claiming that the pear used is “too close” to the Apple logo and hurts the Apple brand.

US Supreme Court asked to intervene in ‘Stairway to Heaven’ copyright dispute

The estate of the late Randy Wolfe has requested the US Supreme Court intervene in the long running ‘Stairway to Heaven’ song-theft case.

USPS counters Trumps attacks & more...

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