Keep up with what’s been happening this week in our intellectual property round-up…


Japan’s Sharp sues Tesla for patent infringement over network gear: source

Sharp Corp has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the Japanese unit of Tesla Inc. seeking an injustice to halt imports of some electric vehicles to Japan, a source familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

A SoftBank-owned company used Theranos patents to sue over COVID-19 tests

A shell company called Labrador Diagnostics LLC, which says it holds the rights for two Theranos patents, sued a company making COVID-19 tests for patent infringement.

Broadcom asserts patents covering ‘crucial aspects’ of Netflix content delivery

Broadcom is asserting claims from nine U.S patents and accuses Netflix of directly infringing the patent claims through its Internet video streaming technology.

‘Inside Out’ copyright lawsuit rejected by appeals court

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a copyright lawsuit on Monday that alleged that Pixar’s 2015 film “Inside Out” was based on the work of a child development expert.

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