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US-UK trade leak: US seeks changes to patents and GIs

The Labour Party has obtained confidential documents from trade negotiations between the UK government and the US, which detailed the US position regarding IP provisions.

European Patent Office launches new Espacenet, improving access to world’s largest free collection of patent documents.

The EPO has released the new Espacenet, a substantially revised and improved version of the Office’s patent information search tool.

Apple’s fifth patent on integrating gas detecting sensors in iDevices focuses on adding Specialized Pressure Sensors

The US Patent and Trademark Office published Apple’s fifth patent application relating to their gas sensor project.

T-Mobile has a trademark on magenta, demands an insurance company stop using it

T-Mobile has accused Lemonade, a small insurance company, of stealing its trademark, in this case the colour magenta.

Amazon must check for trade mark violations: EU court adviser

U.S online retail giant Amazon is not liable for unwittingly stocking trade mark infringing goods for third-party sellers, but should be diligent in checking whether products are legal, an adviser to Europe’s top court said on Thursday. The adviser was giving his opinion on a case that pits Amazon against U.S. cosmetics company Coty.

US-UK trade leak & more...

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