Smells like a copyright lawsuit & more… Happy New Year! Catch up with the latest IP news in our first IP news round-up of 2019!

More than 50,000 books, films and songs are now in the public domain

January 1st marked the first ‘Public Domain Day’ in more than 20 years, meaning that several works of literature from 1923 are now free from copyright for anyone who wants to use them.

LG’s new patent points towards a smartwatch with a camera

LG has recently filed a patent with USTPO for a design of a smartwatch with a camera module. Examples within the application claim you could take a picture of your food and then track your calorie intake.

‘Nothing’s changed’: Patent lawyers seek to allay Brexit fears in US

Patent lawyers from England and Wales will visit the US this spring for a series of roadshows to drive home the message that their work will be unaffected by Brexit – whatever happens on 29th March.

Apple ordered to pull iPhones from stores in Germany

Apple has been ordered to remove some iPhone models from its stores in Germany over a patent dispute with chip giant Qualcomm. A court ruling in Munich on 20th December found Apple had infringed patents on power-saving technology.

Smells like a copyright lawsuit & more...

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