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Beijing criticises Washington’s updated report on intellectual property rights

China has expressed serious concern over the latest update of the Section 301 report by the United States and its accusations targeting China’s intellectual property rights practices, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday 22nd November.

Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over trademark as boys welcome girls

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America after the Boy Scouts decided to drop “Boy” from its name and start welcoming older girls.

Europe sees sharp rise in patent applications for self-driving vehicles;

Innovation in self-driving vehicles is accelerating, with the number of European patent applications related to automated driving has grown 20 times faster than other technologies in recent years.

Facebook files algorithm patent to predict who you live with

This week on ‘Are we living in a Black Mirror episode?’, Facebook have submitted an algorithm based on tagging, hashtags and face recognition technology to determine who lives in the same household.

And finally…

Netflix and Satanic Temple settle £38m lawsuit over Sabrina remake

We can all sleep easy tonight knowing that the Satanic group who sued Netflix and Warner Brothers over their new Sabrina series have ‘amicably’ settled the lawsuit.

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