28 May 2024

There is a secret:

There is a secret. A secret unlike others; which cannot simply be shared, or passed on. One which can only be fully known through years of exposure to its unusual world.
A world where perfection is the accepted minimum, delivered quietly and efficiently by masters of diligence and unsung heroes.

Those who experience their first exposure to this world are either frightened off forever, or permanently hooked; digging in for the long haul. It isn’t a job, and it isn’t a set of tasks. It’s a calling. It isn’t for everyone, but it is absolutely for some.

If you work in IP Formalities, and you love what you do, then you probably get it. Sometimes forgotten as the back-room trivia, we all know better. Modern, smart and progressive companies are starting to know better too. The most beautifully drafted patent in the world is nothing more than junk if it doesn’t get renewed, or the POA isn’t submitted on time, or…

It’s hard for you to convey to normal people how it feels to be responsible for so many moving parts and critical deadlines. To take responsibility for the insanely valuable property entrusted to you by leaders of industry; or the life’s work of a struggling inventor, hoping to repay her family’s faith and support.

The field of IP Formalities is special, and we obsess, day and night, to build services befitting the tireless, amazing unsung heroes who work within it, who get it, and who speak its special language.

Don’t come and work for us; join us

If you are looking for “a job”, we’re probably not right for each other.

Being part of the IP Centrum Operations Team is not easy, in the same way as working-out at the gym is not easy. I don’t like the gym, but some people love it. They still don’t find it easy. It hurts, and it requires sacrifice and effort. But the results can be spectacular.

This is what the world’s greatest IP formalities people naturally gravitate towards – they are driven to provide a service so extraordinary that people just can’t believe it. To surprise and delight, rather than to just “do it on time”.

If you are one of these incredible people, we really hope you’ll consider bringing all of your passion, drive, intelligence and care to IP Centrum. There are a few like-minded people waiting for you and will be extremely happy to welcome you to our amazing team.

Most of us work partly from home and partly from our beautiful offices in the Solihull countryside. When at the office, you can enjoy our genuinely world-class food created fresh, daily by our full-time Michelin-star chefs using the finest, fresh, organic produce. We have on-site hair-dressing, a massage-chair and chill-out room, as well as the main-attraction; your amazing colleagues.
If you like coffee, we import specific world-class raw beans from Brazil just for us and roast them on site to our multi-year-developer secret process, resulting in quite probably the finest coffee available anywhere in the world. Working from home is also absolutely fine. We just work hard to communicate well.

The role

We are very different, and it is impossible to describe in enough detail by text, but being a Formalities Officer at IP Centrum is very different to any other company in the world.

You will be out of your comfort zone and whilst you will bring great knowledge and experience with you, you’ll learn an incredible array of intricacies not required in any other organisation. You’ll learn completely new ways to eradicate failures, and to provide a level of service which from the outside feels like magic.

It is going to be the biggest challenge of your career, but if you’re built the right way, will also be the most rewarding and special.

It can be long hours – but you’ll be shoulder to shoulder with like minded people who will do pretty much anything they can think of to support you, and you’ll do the same for them.

When you’re tired, you’ll take a break using our Unlimited Holiday policy, and then you’ll come back refreshed and ready for more action.

If you’re still reading, you’re either excited (and probably nervous) or you’re reading in disbelief at how appalling this sounds. Regardless of which of those you’re thinking, you’re probably absolutely right.

How to apply

As part of your application, please tell us why you love IP Formalities, why you are looking for something different, and why you’d want to join somewhere which will be such hard work, rather than to go and get a much easier job somewhere else.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Good luck!

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  • Job Type: Experienced Job
  • Career Sector: Administrator
  • Location: Solihull / Hybrid Working
  • Contract Type: Permanent
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Salary: Above Market Rate
  • Start Date: Immediate
  • Date Posted: 30 Apr 2024
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