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11 Mar 2018

The Intellectual Property Office – Career Opportunities for Chemists, Biotechnology Scientists, and Electrical/Electronic/Telecommunication/computer engineers, engineers with specific expertise in circuitry, and with limited vacancies in mechanical engineering, physics and computer science.

We are recruiting around 15 associate patent examiners, principally in the areas of chemistry, biotechnology and engineering. We are particularly looking for engineers with experience in telecommunications engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and computer engineering. We are also seeking engineers with specific expertise in circuitry. We may also have a small number of vacancies in other fields such as mechanical engineering, physics and computer science.

Patents are an important tool for stimulating innovation and growth. They grant monopoly rights of up to 20 years in return for a full disclosure of the invention. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) administers the UK patent system and employs around 350 science and engineering professionals to examine patents across all areas of technology. The role of the patent examiner is to grant high quality patents for inventions which are genuinely new and inventive.

Patent examining offers an unusual opportunity to combine scientific and technical knowledge with legal skills. Patent examiners use their well-developed analytical ability to scrutinise both technical and legal aspects of a patent application to determine if the invention is new and inventive and whether the application satisfies other legal requirements. Successful candidates will receive structured training and mentoring in the legal framework governing patents and also in the professional searching skills necessary for carrying out the patent examiner role.

The start date will be 3 September 2018.

Subject of Study

Patent examiners require or are expected to achieve at least a 2:2 degree or equivalent in a relevant science, engineering, computer science or mathematics subject, or relevant industrial experience at that level. GCSE/O-level grade C or above in Mathematics and English is also required.

For biotechnology, candidates should, in addition to their degree, have further research experience (eg. MSc, PhD, post-doctoral research) or equivalent relevant technical industrial experience.

Salary & Benefits

Associate Patent Examiners currently start at £28,180, which includes a £3030 recruitment and retention allowance, with benefits such as flexible working, non-competitive promotion, generous holidays and an excellent pension scheme.

In addition posts in telecommunications receive a further £4040 allowance, bringing the starting salary package for these posts to £32,220.

  • Job Type: Graduate Job
  • Career Sector: Patents
  • Area of Specialism: Chemistry, Biotechnology, Electronics, Technology, Electrical Engineering, Engineering - Other
  • Degree Result Required: 2:2
  • Number of Positions: 15
  • Location: Newport - South Wales
  • Salary: Competitive
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