What services do we offer?

IP Careers offers an extensive online service with a wide range of graduate jobs and specialist careers advice for graduates and undergraduates. As part of our online service we provide users with detailed information and advice about each area within the intellectual property sector.

We offer: company profiles, specialist industry news and updates, employee profiles, information on the institutes and professional qualifications, further study options, events and jobs. All users can search and save details of the latest jobs, news articles, events and employers. From our website you can also apply to graduate jobs, internships and insights.

Additionally, we publish a specialist guide to Chartered Patent Attorneys, which is widely distributed FREE to universities across the UK.

Do you offer a personal careers service? Can I call and talk to you about any queries and concerns I have?

Unfortunately, as a niche graduate recruitment service as opposed to a general careers service, we do not offer a personal service. However you will find we cover the majority of careers advice and information within the intellectual property sector.

Do you offer a referral service? If I have a question or concern you cannot answer can you direct me to someone/ a company that will?

No, I’m afraid we do not offer a referral service. However, we have an extensive employer directory and reference a large majority of our sources, therefore you are more than free to search and personally contact any company or individual mentioned on our website.

Do you cover any professions not in the area of Intellectual Property?

No, unfortunately we do not. We are a niche graduate recruitment service that concentrates solely on providing the highest quality graduate career information, advice and jobs for the IP sector.

Do you work personally with universities and can you point me in the direction of universities that do the degree of my choice?

We collaborate with numerous universities across the UK and their career centres to promote and advertise our services; however we do not provide a personal careers service in terms of searching for potential courses of study on your behalf. We have a ‘Postgraduate Courses’ area, in which you can search for universities and courses. We apologise it is not an extensively developed area; however we certainly aim to constantly keep it updated and relevant.

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