• Name: Grace Mason-Jarrett Mason-Jarrett
  • Job Title: Technical Assistant
  • University: Southampton
  • Degree: Physics with Astronomy BSc
  • Career Sectors: Patents

Are you keen to get an insight into what it is like to train at an IP firm? You are in luck, as leading firm of patent and trade mark attorneys Mathys & Squire have shared some of of their ‘What our people say’ profiles from members of their team to help anyone thinking a career in patents decide whether it will be the right fit for them.

This profile has been written by Grace Mason-Jarrett, a Technical Assistant in Mathys & Squire’s IT & Engineering sector…


Why did you choose to become a patent attorney?

I first came across the profession when I was at a careers fair in my second year of university. Prior to this I knew very little about it! The more I looked into the profession, the more I thought the combination of skills required suited my interests. I enjoyed my degree but knew research wasn’t for me so I was looking for other careers that would enable me to apply my knowledge without being in a lab. I also was looking for a challenging career which would really push me, and I have certainly found this to be the case in IP.


How are you finding the role?

The job is demanding, and I find I am often working all areas of my brain to figure out the best solution to whatever problem I might be trying to solve. The work is rewarding in this sense and finding a good solution can be incredibly satisfying. The idea of working in a deadline- driven role might have put me off had I stopped to think about it before launching myself into this career, but actually I haven’t found it to be an issue. Workload and responsibility has increased gradually over time, and I have developed the requisite skills to effectively manage the volume of work and the pressure that comes with that. Additionally, I have always felt well supported by my colleagues, so it is not like you are suddenly thrown into the deep end with deadlines and targets straight-away!


What is the work like?

Every day is different. Over the years that I have been working in this profession I have worked with a multitude of companies of all sizes, in a wide-range of industries. The variation in the inventions themselves means that I am constantly using and reflecting on different parts of my background knowledge; one day I might be working on a household consumer goods product, another day I may be working on telecommunications. Whilst I am training to be a patent attorney, I also do work relating to designs, copyright, trade secrets, and more. One day I might be at a conference on case law, another day I may be helping to run an IP workshop for a client, and the next I could be drafting a patent application.


Is being a patent attorney for you?

Absolutely, even when the pressure hits and the deadlines and exams are looming, the work is ultimately rewarding when you finally get that patent through, or when you see a product you’ve worked on in a shop. For me, it was definitely the right decision as it met all my requirements for a career in being challenging and varied, and still something which uses the knowledge gained during my time at university.


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