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  • Name: Simone Ferrara
  • Job Title: Trainee Patent Attorney
  • University: -Non UK-
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When I decided to return to Europe, I asked myself which career I wanted to pursue. My experience in labs and academe left me with the belief that I did not want a career in research. Additionally, my pre-University studies in classics ‘haunted’ me during my University years, as most of my friends went on to pursue careers in humanities, particularly law.

The dilemma was solved when a friend of mine told me that one of his ex-colleagues was training as a Patent Attorney for a firm in London called R.G.C. Jenkins & Co. After reading about the profession, I started wondering whether that career was the perfect trade-off between my two passions: science and humanities. Luckily, I was offered a position at Jenkins after my first interview-lunch with the partner I currently work for.

I still remember my first day at Jenkins. After being introduced to my colleagues, I was immediately assigned to provide my boss with a response to an Examination Report for a European patent. Scary, you would say, especially after an hour into a totally new job. Indeed, it was scary, but exciting as well. After all, that is what you want from your employer:- a challenging job combined with full trust in your abilities.

Jenkins is all that: a place with daily challenges and constant support. At Jenkins, people are valued for their expertise and never denied a chance to improve their skills. You are not spoon-fed, but if you are hungry for knowledge, you are in an environment in which all colleagues are happy to pass on their expertise. It is a great environment with clients that are world leaders in their own fields. And having completed my course at Queen Mary (which was financed by the firm) I feel even more convinced that my choice was the right one.

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