• Name: Riddhi Patel
  • Job Title: Trainee Patent Attorney
  • Location: Birmingham
  • University: Birmingham
  • Degree: BSci physics

My career path to date


Age 14, my dad asked me to read over his patent application. Six years later, that formed the opening line of my cover letters that were sent to law firms in hope of getting a trainee role. I was hooked on this niche career from that age. My academic strengths laid across STEM and humanities, and this career provides a perfect blend of analysing meaning, constructing arguments, and working with technology.

The journey

The first challenge to make my dream possible was to build a credible CV and cover letter. I focused on finding work experiences that demonstrate skills the job would need; like communication, attention to detail etc. This steered me to accumulate work experiences at the UKIPO and Old Bailey to name two.

I really enjoyed my first Trainee role but I was commuting between Birmingham and Leeds, which was becoming difficult after a year, and I needed that time to focus on revision. Having already met a few Forresters trainees at various networking events, I reached out to them for their perspectives. Along with my own research, Forresters seemed a welcoming firm, which was confirmed by my interview process. In this interview, I was set a short version of a task I’d do on a normal day job. I was given an examiner’s report and had to provide my view on how I would tackle the response. After a successful interview, I secured my trainee role with Forresters.

Having settled in well at Forresters, I am so glad I made the move. Forresters has a family feel, weekly training meetings and a supportive environment. The cohort of trainees are welcoming and a great source of information. I get to work on a range of technologies like medical and mechanical devices, as well as printers, wireless networks, display devices to name a few. ED&I is a passionate topic for me and Forresters provides plenty to fuel it. For example, themed book clubs/movie nights, monthly social office lunches, away days, snacks in the kitchen, workplace massages, and even a taster sign language class. These are a few benefits that make a positive difference to me and my colleagues. Forresters offers a workplace where I know my voice is heard, and that when I have ideas, I can progress and implement them. For example, advertising monthly ED&I events on the intranet provided by other networks within IP such as IP Inclusive.

A day in my life

A typical job for me involves providing arguments in response to an examiner’s report from a patent office, either in the UK or Europe. I’d read through our patent application and the examiner’s report. Then, I’d look at similarities between our patent application and cited documents in the report. If ever I’m stuck, I’m able to run my arguments past my supervisor. Finally, I’d compose a letter using the argument structure provided by the law, and write back to the patent office with reasons on why our patent application should be granted. All of that is the starting work given to most trainees, but patent attorneys deal with patents from start to end.

Looking to the future, I am eager to progress my career by learning more skills and passing all the exams!

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