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David Beckham applies for brand trademark protection in Macau

David Beckham’s business, DB Ventures Ltd, has made put forth two trademark protection requests for different classes of products in Macau.

Clothing brand wins trademark battle with Bentley Motors

Bentley has been told to destroy a range of clothing merchandise after losing a trademark battle with Manchester-based Bentley Clothing. Bentley Motors will now not be able to use the name Bentley on its UK clothing range.

Jimi Hendrix’s brother and niece are in contempt of court for violating injunction

The District Judge has order Hendrix’s brother and niece to recall and destroy all merchandise and apparel with Jimi Hendrix’s name and to change the name of their tuition-free Hendrix Music Academy to make sure it is not affiliated with Jimi Hendrix to ‘cease and desist’ infringing on his trademark.

Michael Jordan awarded $46,000 in China trademark battle

In a trademark lawsuit for Michael Jordan to have the full rights to his name in China, he has been awarded $46,000 for ‘emotional damages’ but he the company that is using his name in China has not bee asked to revoke their right to trade under the Chinese translation of his name.

Pineapple waste turned into disposable drone parts by Malaysian researchers

Malaysian researchers, headed by Professor Mohamed Thariq Hameed Sultan at Malaysia’s Putra University, have created a method to transform pineapple leaves to invent a strong fibre which can be used to create drones.

CMA to investigate Nvidia’s takeover of Arm Holdings

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said it would begin an investigation in Nvidia Corp’s deal to buy Arm Holdings, a UK-based chip designer to look into whether Arm Holdings ‘has an incentive to withdraw, raise prices or reduce the quality of its IP licensing services to Nvidia’s rivals.’

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