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Lewis Hamilton loses three-year long legal battle against luxury watchmakers

After a three-year long legal battle against luxury watchmaker brand ‘Hamilton’, Lewis Hamilton has lost after the watchmaker registered ‘Hamilton’ as its trademark giving them the right to use the name across Europe.

‘Oof’ sound removed from Roblox game after copyright dispute

The makers of the Roblox game will have to pay to include the ‘oof’ sound when a character has dies following a copyright dispute.

Oracle and Google meet in Supreme Court over copyright dispute

Oracle and Google are in a copyright dispute worth billions and they have met earlier this week at the Supreme Court where they clashed over this dispute which is over Google’s creation of the Android operating system used in mobile phones worldwide.

WTO to ask the UK to drop opposition to patent-free Covid vaccines

The World Trade Organisation will ask the UK to reconsider its opposition to waiving intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines which will help shorten the pandemic and allow for mass production of treatments against the disease.

Huawei has the most wireless communication patents filings in the world

In 2020, Huawei Technologies has filed 8,607 wireless patents between January and October making it the leading company that had the most wireless communication patent filings in 2020.

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